Legal Notices

1. Website presentation.

In vertue of the article 6 of the law n° 2004-575 of June 21st 2004 for trust in digital economy, it is precised to the users of the website the identity of the different interveners working on its realisation and maintenance :

Owner : Florbela Gomes Palhais et Claire Ragot – – ml

Publication manager : Florbela Gomes Palhais –

Publication manager is a phyical individual or a moral person.

Website host : OVH – 2 rue Kellermann – 59100 Roubaix – France

2. General use conditions of and its offered services.

The use of involves full acceptation of the General Conditions of utilization hereafter described. These terms of use are susceptible to be modified or completed at any moment, the website users are invited to check the terms of use regularly.

This website is normally accessible at any time for users. Although, a technical maintenance interruption can occur if judged necessary. We will do our best to advise users before interruption about the moment and estimated length of time this maintenance operation can last. is updated on a regular basis by Florbela Gomes Palhais. On the same principle, Legal Notices are subject to modifications at any time: nevertheless, they apply to any user of the website who is invited to read of those terms of use as often as possible.

3. Description of offered services.

The supplies information about all the activities of the company.

Florbela Gomes Palhais supplies accurate informations on the website However, neither she nor the website can be hold responsible for any omission, inaccuracies or deficiency in the updating, wether these would be by her fact or by the fact of a third parter who supplied the information.

All informations on the website are given as guidelines only and subject to modifications. Furthermore, informations stated on website are not exhaustive. They are subject to modification since their uploading was made.

4. Contractual limitations on technical datas.

This website uses Javascript technology.

This website can never be hold responsible for any material damage due to the use of this website. In addition, the user of this website is committed to access this website by using recent material, virus-free, and using an updated last generation browser.

5. Counterfeits and intellectual property.

Florbela Gomes Palhais owns the intellectual property rights or holds use rights on all accessible element of this website, including texts, images, photo, graphics, logos, icons, sounds, softwares.

Any reproduction, representation, modification, publication, adaptation of all or parts of the elements of this website, whatever the mean or process, is absolutely forbidden, except with written authorization from Florbela Gomes Palhais or Claire Ragot.

Any non permitted exploitation of this website or any of the element of it will be considered as constituent a piracy and prosecuted in accordance with the dispositions of article L.335-2 and subsequent of the Intellectual Property Code.

6. Limitations of responsability.

Florbela Gomes Palhais will not be hold responsible for indirect damages (as for instance a market loss or a missed opportunity) consequential to the use of the website

Some interactive spaces (possibility to ask questions in contact tab) are available to users. Florbela Gomes Palhais reserves the right to suppress without prior warning, any abusive content submitted in this space, that woud contravene french legislation, particularly to dispositions relative to data security. As the cas may be, Florbela Gomes Palhais also reserves the right to engage the users civilian and/or penal liability, notably in case of racist, slanderous, pornographic or offensive message, whatever the medium used (text, photograph...)

7. Personal data management.

In France, personal datas are notably protected by the law n° 78-87 of January the 6th 1978, the law n° 2004-801 of august the 6th 2004, the article L. 226-13 of Penal Code, and the European Directive of october the 24th 1995.

When using the website, can be collected : URLs of the links from which the users have accessed the website, the user's internet provider, the user's internet protocol (IP).

In any case, Florbela Gomes Palhais does not collect personal informations relative to the user, that would not be needed for the use of some services provided on the website The user provides these information knowingly, notably when whe or he proceeds herself or himself to their collection by typing and entering these datas. It is then stated to the user of the website the obligation or not to supply these informations.

According to articles 38 and subsequent articles of the law 78-17 of January the 6th 1978, relative to computing, data files and liberties, any user is given the right to access, rectify and oppose to his own personal datas by a written and signed, accompanied with a Identification document (ID) copy showing his signature, stating the address to which the reply must be sent.

No personal data of any user of the website will be published, traded, transfered, exchanged or sold on any medium to any third party without her or his knowledge. Only the hypothesis of Florbela Gomes Palhais' rights acquisition by another company or organisation would allow the transmission of the stated informations to the buyer who would be then bound to the same obligation of data retention to the user of the website

This website is not registered at CNIL because it does not collect any personal data.

The databases are protected by dispositions of the law of July the 1st 1998 transposing the directive 96/9 of March the 11th 1996, relative to legal protection of databases.

8. Liens hypertextes et cookies.

The website contains hyprtext links leading to other sites, authorized by Florbela Gomes Palhais. However, Florbela Gomes Palhais does not have the possibility to verify the content of those websites, therefore whe will not be hold responsible for this fact and will assume no consequence of it.

Navigation on the website is susceptible to provoke some cookies installation on the user's computer. A cookie is a small size file, that does not permit the user's identification, but it records some informations relative to navigation of a computer on a website. Data thus obtained aim at ease later navigation on the website, and allow several frequentation measurements.

The refusal of a cookie installation can entail the impossibility to access some services. However, the user can configure his computer of the following manner to refuse cookies installation:

- Under Internet Explorer : Tool tab / internet options. Click confidentiality then choose to block all cookies, then Enter.

- Under Firefox : Options tab / private life and security / Uncheck 'accept cookies'

9. Applicable law and Jurisdiction attribution.

Any ligation with the use of the website is submitted to french right. Exclusive jurisdiction attribution is granted to Paris competent courthouses.Il est fait attribution exclusive de juridiction aux tribunaux compétents de Paris.

10. Les principales lois concernées.

Law n° 78-87 of January 6th 1978, notably modified by the law n° 2004-801 of August 6th 2004 referring to data processing, files and freedom act (informatique, aux fichiers et aux libertés).

Law n° 2004-575 of June 21st 2004 for trust in digital economy.

11. Lexicon.

Utilisateur : Internaut, web user se connectant, utilisant le site susnommé.

Personal data: informations that permit under whatever form, directly or not, the identification of the individuals to whom they apply (Art 4, law n° 78-17 of January the 6th 1978) « les informations qui permettent, sous quelque forme que ce soit, directement ou non, l’identification des personnes physiques auxquelles elles s’appliquent » (article 4 de la loi n° 78-17 du 6 janvier 1978).